Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment for hair growth. It involves the use of a pen-like device with needles that are less than 0.5 mm long, which penetrate through the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, to stimulate your hair follicles and increase circulation.

Microneedling is a Minimally Invasive Treatment

If you’re looking for a non-surgical method of creating small micro-injuries in the skin that trigger new collagen production and stimulate hair growth, microneedling may be right for you.

After many years as a beauty secret of Hollywood stars and other celebrities, microneedling became more widely known in 2013 when Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) shared her experience with it on YouTube. By 2016, it became one of the most popular treatments at Med spas across the country.

What is a Microneedling Pen?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that uses an electric device called a “pen” to create tiny punctures in the skin. The pen has multiple needles that are inserted into the skin at different depths to create controlled injuries to the skin. These injuries stimulate collagen production and increase fibroblast activity, which help stimulate hair growth.

The device also creates microchannel structures within the skin that help deliver topical products like anti-aging serums and moisturizers deeper into the dermis.

The results of microneedling are immediate and can last for up to six months. The treatment may be performed on its own or in conjunction with other hair loss treatments Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), PEPfactor, and Low Level Light Therapy.

Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling can help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Microneedling is also a great way to improve the health of your scalp and has even been shown to help with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

As we age, our skin loses collagen production, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Using microneedling therapy will help stimulate collagen production which can improve the appearance of these fine lines or wrinkles by plumping them up slightly over time.

How Does Microneedling Stimulate Hair Growth?

Microneedling stimulates the hair follicle to produce new hair by creating micro-channels in the skin. The skin is a barrier for hair growth, and microneedling opens up those barriers, allowing better access to the hair follicle.

The PEPFactor product also stimulates hair growth by promoting cellular turnover, which allows your scalp to regenerate cells more quickly and effectively. It also contains peptides from amino acids that are present in our bodies naturally—and they’re even found in our diets.

The combination of the PEPFactor peptides and microneedling makes for a powerful formula that can help you increase hair growth in just a few weeks.

Who is a Good Candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling therapy is an excellent option for people who want to grow their hair out, and it’s especially great for those who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy or other medical treatments.

Good candidates for microneedling therapy are those who have had their hair loss for less than five years. If you have been balding for longer than five years, you can expect to see results with a combination therapy such as microneedling, PEPfactor, PRP, low-level light therapy, and balance nutrition.

Time Frame for Hair Growth Results

It’s important to note that this procedure does not increase the number of hair follicles per square inch—it simply creates micro channels in the skin through which existing hairs can grow stronger and healthier.

Microneedling with PEPFactor product

Microneedling with PEPFactor is an effective treatment, that can only be done by a healthcare professional, to stimulate new hair growth. PEPFactor is a proprietary blend of peptides, vitamins, and amino acids that stimulates the hair follicle to promote new hair growth through its ability to improve nutrient absorption and increase the rate at which cells are produced in every stage of the growth cycle. It also boosts collagen production for more youthful-looking skin.

PEPfactor Scalp is an amazing procedure that restores and supports more voluminous hair, with visible results in just 4 weeks.

You can expect to see improvements after a couple of weeks from your first PEPfactor treatment. Once you have had 6-8 applications, you will experience the full results. Results can vary from each individual.

PEPfactor is a non-invasive treatment that uses a single application of biotechnological peptides to stimulate hair growth in both men and women with normal or thinning hair.

If you’re looking for a way to stimulate hair growth, microneedling may be the answer. Microneedling is a painless procedure that utilizes fine needles to create tiny holes in your skin. These holes then allow topical creams and oils to penetrate more deeply into the dermis layer of your skin, delivering better results than traditional methods such as massage or exfoliation alone.

Although it’s been proven to be effective, this process can take time and patience to see results. The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your microneedling session is to have a consultation with a professional who can assess your scalp and follicles and recommend the best course of treatment for you.





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